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Frequenly Asked Questions

What can I expect when I visit Fort Foote Baptist Church (FFBC)?

We want you to feel at home. The Fort Foote greeters will welcome you to our church and sanctuary. We want you to feel the warm, family friendly feeling that invites all to worship. In our efforts to keep a record of our visitors, we would request that you sign our visitors' book right outside the sanctuary doors. We want to assure you that we do not sell or distribute the personal information that you share with us.  However, our church may use that information to express our thanks for your visit and to express our love to you as a Christian community.
We look forward to meeting you in person soon!
What will the service be like?

We begin our service with Praise and Worship.  Our musical style is best described as blended, meaning you may hear many different styles of music.  We do have a strong preference for anthems, gospel, and hymns however. Hymnals can be found in the pew racks along with Bibles.  Our Music Ministry will direct you when it’s time to stand.  We also have a Liturgical Dance Ministry.  We try to keep the mechanics of our service to a minimum so you can focus your heart on the reason we are there; to worship.  We welcome all first time visitors so we’ll ask you to stand and greet you.  During the service it’s not uncommon for worshippers to lift a hand and/or say amen.  We try to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit!   Then our Pastor will share a message from the Word.  Following the sermon we always offer an invitation for anyone who has made a decision to give their life to Christ and/or join our church.  Pastor will greet everyone by the front doors on their way out.    

Where can I park?

Parking is available along the side of our church and in the rear. Please obey all parking signs and respect the designated and marked spaces. Additional free parking is available in the parking lot at Fort Foote Recreation Center adjacent to our church.   We caution you to obey all parking signs located around the church property.

If I don’t have a church background at all, will I feel comfortable when I visit?

Many of our members have come with no church background and have found a home here.  You should feel right at home whether you have a deep faith in Christ or if you simply don’t know.  We provide anyone who is questioning, seeking, and/or doubting a free environment for search and study, as well as welcome them with acceptance and love. 
Is your church accessible to people with disabilities?

We have handicapped accessible parking spaces.  The lower level is accessible to our elevator which will take you to the main sanctuary.

What does FFBC offer children and youth?

We have childcare for toddlers during our worship services staffed by loving volunteers who are excited to get to know your children.  Our greeters will be glad to show you where our church nursery is located.   FFBC is committed to ministering to children and youth.

We offer a fully graded Sunday School program from nursery through senior high. On the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11:00 AM, children and youth church services are held separately.  One of our key goals is to minister to the young at heart.  The church has a core of excellent volunteers who plan outings and other activities for children and youth.  Children of all ages are welcome in our service.
Do you have a food pantry?

Yes, our food pantry is open every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
What should I wear?

If you do not have a suit, please do not let that hold you back from worshiping our Lord. If you do not have a dress or skirt, do not let that hold you back either. If you must, come in slacks or jeans, but just come, because the Lord is waiting! In the spirit of reverence and respect to our Lord Jesus Christ, we would love for you to come and worship with us with your whole heart. Just in case you are not sure, please avoid any offensive or suggestive clothing. These items include but not limited to sporting attire, shorts, mini-skirts, halter tops, tight-fitting clothes, and low-cut blouses. All displays of underwear and undergarments are prohibited.

Are all people welcome to FFBC?

We are a local church operating in a global world who welcomes all to our doors. We are true believers in the Word and open our hearts to those who seek the Lord. We won’t turn anyone away but our direction, our walk, our worship and our works are dictated by the Bible. We seek to open up the minds and hearts of others to embrace Jesus Christ and to forego the sins of this world.

How can I become a member of FFBC?

After the sermon and before the benediction, the Pastor opens the doors of the church as an Invitation to Discipleship. This invitation is extended to you if you are in need of a church home, a member of another church in search for a new church home, or someone who is temporarily living away from their church home and want to affiliate with us while you are here.

An Altar Counselor will escort you to the conference room for further exchange of information. The Counselor will ask some questions and give you a welcome package. All persons with a desire to become a member must complete a series of four new member classes. After completion, you will be baptized if you are a new person joining the church for the first time. For others joining us from another church, have been baptized before, or temporarily away from their home church may join based on their Christian experience. After completion of the new members' class and/or baptism, you will then be introduced before the congregation and assigned a Deacon. The assigned Deacon is your point of contact during your spiritual growth at Fort Foote.

Do you rent your space (sanctuary, fellowship hall, and other rooms) to non-members?

Yes, however, regularly scheduled church meetings and activities have first priority in the use of its facilities. Other church related meetings and functions will have second priority. Church members may use our facilities when they are not already scheduled. Groups outside our Church which are nonprofit or ministry related in nature may use the facilities when available.

An Application Request for Use of Facilities form must be completed by all FFBC members and groups and submitted to the Church office. All usage fees are to be paid in advance through the Church office. There is a cancellation fee of 15% that is non-refundable. [The Administrative Assistant will work with appropriate Church staff members to calculate fees for use of specific areas in our Church.] Click here for forms.

If I don't know who my Deacon is who should I contact?

Contact our Deacon Chair.
What must I do to get baptized?

Acknowledge I have sinned and need a Savior.

Confess your sin to God and ask for forgiveness, repent (turn away from sin). Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Attend a worship service and publicly accept Pastor Lyles (or the Reverend or Minister officiating the service) Invitation to Discipleship to become a disciple/member of Fort Foote Baptist Church. (See question – How can I become a member of FFBC?)

[Attend a four week, one hour each week, orientation session.

Believe in your heart that God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus into the world to pay the penalty for sinners. That Jesus shed his precious blood on the cross, was crucified and gave His life so that sinners could be forgiven and have everlasting life. One must believe in his heart and trust in God’s word that Jesus was buried and God raised Him up from the grave with all power in His hands. One must believe God and trust him to do what He promised in His word to do.]

What are the necessary steps for Child Dedication?

Contact our Church Secretary to setup a one-time parental counseling session.  The counseling session is a prerequisite to the child dedication service.

How do I know when I’m a member?

After successfully completing the new members class, after baptism and/or being presented to the congregation, and being assigned a Deacon you are a full-time fledged member of Fort Foote Baptist Church.

For more information you may call our church at 301.839.1343 or send an email to webmaster@fortfootebc.org.

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