A Church that welcomes you

We welcome you to learn more about us and the numerous opportunities that exist for you to get involved in the life of the Fort Foote family. We are a Bible-based Church that embraces both His Word and the fellowship of His people.  As a new member of this fellowship, you will find many opportunities to participate in volunteer ministries. We believe that every member of our church is gifted to serve. All members bring talents and experiences, but those talents and experiences must be properly placed to become gifts to serve in the body of Christ. We offer as a resource to every member, a New Member class which is designed to assist one in finding the right place to serve and to learn a little more about your new family.

If you are a first-time or returning visitor, we invite you to attend our regular weekly Worship Services. Please remember to complete a Visitor’s Card so we can keep in touch with you.

We offer Bible Study on Wednesday noonday 12:00 p.m. and evenings at 7:00 p.m.

For your convenience, the frequently asked questions (FAQ) to the right will address any additional inquiries you may have concerning Fort Foote.  If your question has not been addressed, please contact the Fort Foote Baptist Church office at 301-839-1343