A Church of dedicated staff

Pastor – Rev. Dr. Joseph W. Lyles
Assistant to the Pastor – Rev. Norman N. Robinson
Administrator - Rev. Helen Bearden
Administrative Assistant – Patricia D. Hawkins
Assistant Director of Media – Mr. James Easterly
Director of Media - MIT Al Perry
Director of Music - Deacon David Sturdivant
Assistant Director of Music – Ms. Gloria McKenzie-Freeman
Chief of Security – Mr. Edgar D. Sam
Child Development Center – Trustee Pauline Hamlette
Church Accountant – Ms. G. Oinette Pleasant
Church Clerk - Jonna Ellis
Assistant Church Clerk - Julee Blair
Executive Assistant to the Pastor – Mrs. Sheri Cheek
Facilities Supervisor – Mr. Harold Harper
Food Service Manager – Ms. Ann Taylor
Human Resource Manager – Vacant
Minister of Children – Rev. Joseph Brown
Minister of Counseling – Vacant
Minister of Evangelism – Rev. Irma Allen-Lewis
Minister of Missions – Rev. Ann L. Palmore
Minister of Youth – Rev. Henry Thompson
Minister of Visitation/Bereavement – Rev. Jarvis Williams
Office Assistant – Miss Britney Tate
Treasurer – Rev. Clarence Hill

Last Published: February 6, 2018 8:09 AM